The Caves

at Stump Cross Caverns

Step back in time and explore the beauty of our natural show cave

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A world of wonder

Discovered in 1860 by lead miners, Stump Cross Caverns has a rich history going back hundreds of millions of years. New passageways have been opened up over the years, with remains of prehistoric creatures such as wolverine and reindeer found in the caves.

Step back in time

Explore the natural wonders of this delightful Yorkshire Dales show cave via lit pathways. An ideal activity whatever the weather, Stump Cross Caverns is all under cover with designated walkways for you to follow.

Children's quizzes

Pick up our educational fossil quiz from the ticket booth, and make the most of our information signs, featuring fun characters including Sally Shark Tooth and Timmy Trilobite.

There's also a delightful fairy door trail along the cave passageways, included in the admission ticket for children and an option for infants (which you can add when you book your tickets).

Visiting Stump Cross

Yorkshire like you've never seen it before

The show cave can be explored via lit pathways - highlighting points of interest - along with information about history and geology.

Above ground, we have a gift shop selling dinosaur and fossil related souvenirs, plus the Time Cafe, serving freshly prepared food made from locally sourced produce.

Questions about visiting the caves at Stump Cross?

Your questions answered:

Timed entry

When you book tickets, you must pre-book an entry time for the caves. This gives your group designated time and space to enter the caves and descend the steps. Please buy you tickets in advance to avoid disappointment if we are fully booked on the day:

History of the caves

The story of Stump Cross Caverns began 300 million years ago, during the Caboniferous period. What is now the Yorkshire Dales was then covered by a shallow sea, filled with underwater plants and animals. The limestone rock you can see today is the remains of billions of shells and  debris, gradually solidified under pressure.

The caves are the result of Greenhow’s specific geology, which has left behind passageways and spectacular stalagmites and stalactites.

During the ongoing excavations of the cave system, remains of several species of animal which once roamed this area of Yorkshire thousands of years ago have been discovered, including: wolves, reindeer, bison, and wolverines.

Explore virtually

Experience this underground Yorkshire Dales adventure from anywhere in the world. Our caving experts have mapped and captured the caverns in amazing 3D so you can explore through your screen.