Episode 8 – Geoff Workman – 105 Days later

June 2020

Episode 8 - Geoff Workman - 105 Days later

As we were talking about Geoff Workman last night on our LIVE Feed- thought some of you might want to find out a bit more about him…..

Don’t forget Nick and Lisa will be climbing the Cavern steps this evening LIVE 105 times per night (A tribute to Geoff Workman) until they reach 1000 climbs- to raise money to save Stumpy, their team & give back to the community! 👌💕
Tune in at 7.30pm to give them some support! 💪

More Stump Cross History videos (11 in total) are available to view NOW in our videos section. Go on Educate yourself! 😉 It’s pretty fascinating! 😃