Episode 9 – Formations: Part One

May 2020

Episode 9 - Formations: Part One

Afternoon our fellow Stumpy friends. 🤗
My goodness we are missing you all sooo much!!!

Here is Episode 9 – a short clip inviting you to explore some of the magical, ever-changing FORMATIONS in our captivating caverns👌

Once again let us remind you that whilst you sadly can’t visit us in person at present 😭, you CAN visit us from the comfort of your front room😃 in the form of a 3D virtual tour by clicking this link…


See if you can spot some of the amazing formations featured in this short video clip! 😍Watch out for episode 10 in a few days. And don’t miss out, you can catch up on the last 8 episodes – incorporating some fascinating Stump Cross history, lead miners, the Ice Age, the Carboniferous period, dinosaur eggs, fossils and much much more, just search under our videos section! 👌

Have a great weekend folks 😘

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