Happy New Year to all our wonderful supporters I just wante

January 2022

Happy New Year to all our wonderful supporters I just

Happy New Year to all our wonderful supporters 🥰❤️ I just wanted to reassure you we are still here and trying very hard for the crowd funder to be a success. We had planned to do a cycle ride to promote crowd funder this month but sadly I have been signed off sick by the doctor with a horrible chest infection so unable to do it. We are hoping to get team stumpy to do it instead 🙏🏻
We are also looking at hosting a corporate event in March to raise awareness so I’m not giving in!

Well 2021 has been one hell of a ride, bringing all sorts of challenges and changes but together we managed to swim our way through it and learnt a lot along the way.

– I learnt that sometimes you need to be brave enough to ask for help and have been overwhelmed by your generosity

– I’ve learnt that doing a big Crowdfunder is intense and pressured with long hours, but the thought of achieving our goals and relighting the caves for future generations makes it all worth while

– I learnt that sometimes you have to think outside the box to survive and I am so proud of my new character ‘the cavewoman’ it’s wonderful to be able to teach the future generations about our subterranean world and take them on a journey back in time.

– I learnt that dreams do come true and we have had the pleasure of welcoming Mark Sutton Vain to Stump Cross Caverns, a lighting specialist from London who is hoping to help us modernise the cave lighting and help the natural environment. He will also help with the magic of stump cross

– I learnt that sometimes you have to say no and look after yourself to gain strength to carry on. We are so lucky to live and breath our beautiful surrounding at Stump Cross but they can be all consuming. I have finally given in and listened to the Dr

– I learnt that I really love the beauty that lies beneath and above at Stump Cross Caverns. Its so lovely to welcome you all back and meet some of you who have been following our journey for the first time.
– I learnt that we have such beauty on our doorstep and we have days off now in order to enjoy them because I am not ‘wonder woman’ no matter how many times I am called it. Having days off ensures you come back stronger and refreshed with new ideas and a desire to succeed.

I learnt that if you just dig deep and try a little harder even when you think you have given all you can, you get there, with the same tenacity and drive that’s helped us to keep the spirit and structure of my caves alive for so many years.

I have learnt that Just like my caves themselves, creating magic and making a difference takes time. Big totals take time to achieve, and we’ve sold almost 29% of the 20,000 tickets to date. So each ticket sale takes us closer to the draw

As with every challenge we’ve all faced over the last two years, I want to thank you for your kindness and support. Everything you do helps to preserve my caves, honour our history and protect the magical future for our children.
Thank you for being our shining light. Let’s see what 2022 has in store…
The Cavewoman of Stump Cross Caverns