Help! Stump Cross Caverns

June 2020

Help! Stump Cross Caverns

⭐️ GOOD MORNING ⭐️ We hope you are safe and well out there!🙏🏻


Today sees the launch of our plea for help from our FABULOUS Stumpy supporters. We are both nervous and excited to launch our CROWD FUNDING PROJECT.

It has been just incredible, to welcome some of you back to our car park ice cream van which has been very kindly donated to us by Burnsall Ice Cream Parlour- Thank you! 💓. The local support has been absolutely heart warming!

HOWEVER ALAS, we have not yet been able to open Stumpy doors and unfortunately when we do (fingers crossed 4th July- god willing 🙏🏻), the continued social distancing measures will mean a 40% decrease in visitor numbers. This will have a PROFOUND affect on our business and our insurance doesn’t cover the pandemic! Like many small businesses, we have been massively affected by the Covid-19 outbreak and we are desperate to keep our business and our ALL of our wonderful team.

SO.. We are making a plea for your help. This was not an easy decision😔. Now of course we are Team Stumpy 💪 and we would never ask for something for nothing so we have come up with a stream of ideas in the form of local community support and educational projects.

You can find out more about this and how you can help on the link below…

🚨 Please check in at 7.30 pm this evening to watch us begin our first challenge LIVE.

We shall we climbing the Caverns steps 1000 times,the equivalent of Mount Everest Twice!!🥵 For anyone that has visited us, you will know that climbing the steps once can be a challenge 🤣 But WE ARE TEAM STUMPY 💪 and we will do anything to save our business!

We are so grateful for your continued help and support ❤️

Thank you from the bottom of our 💓 with love from TEAM S x

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Welcome to Yorkshire FundRazr Stray FM

Help! Stump Cross Caverns

COVID-19 caused a very real impact on our business. Continued social distancing measures will mean a 40% decrease in visitor numbers.