Help! Stump Cross Caverns

July 2020

Help! Stump Cross Caverns

Morning Stumpy Supporters ❤️
Our Opening times today are 10-5 Stump Cross and Stumpy Van – 12-6.
It’s FRIIIDAAAAY… which means…

…. ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT to reach our Crowdfunder target!
Thank you all SO MUCH for your support. 😚


😊 Thanks to YOUR donations to our BAKING A DIFFERENCE Pledge, we have been able to instruct local businesses & send scrumptious cakes to local super heroes.

😊Thanks to YOU we have been able to re-open our doors gradually, bring back a couple of our awesome Team and purchase protective screens, sanitiser & new hand towels to replace air dryers.

😊Thanks to YOU we have instructed Electricians to install a traffic light system into our caves to help us manage social distancing for your safety. And apollo 3D to make our stunning caverns accessible via an incredible 3D tour- in preparation for our HELP FOR SCHOOLS pledge- our WORLD FIRST virtual classroom 😍

Your help means the world to us THANK YOU ❤️
We’ve still a way to go, find out how YOU can help and what we can do in return here:

Help! Stump Cross Caverns –

Help! Stump Cross Caverns

COVID-19 caused a very real impact on our business. Continued social distancing measures will mean a 40% decrease in visitor numbers.