How kind is this, it made me cry, I just wanted to say thank

February 2022

How kind is this, it made me cry, I just

How kind is this, it made me cry, I just wanted to say thank you Evie Bradley xxx Our team stumpy is what makes stump cross really special xxx❤️❤️❤️
Hi everyone👋🏼 not my usual post but I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell everyone about my boss who I think deserves the nomination for the “Unsung hero award” at the Harrogate Hospitality awards thisSee More year. I’ll start by saying I’ve never known anyone throw themselves into their business more than Lisa, it’s her whole life. These past few years have been difficult for so many small local businesses, including Stump Cross Caverns. Lisa has gone to incredible lengths to keep the caverns open for future generation(and to keep me and the rest of the team in our jobs!). Nothing is ever too much for her, from raffling off their prized campervan to climbing the cave steps 1000 times and sleeping down the caves for 105 hours, she’s really done it all. She’s shared and live-streamed to the maximum as many people have witnessed🤣.All to make sure we never had to close as she knows Stump Cross is far too precious to not be able to share with the world! She’s found her place in life as a Crazy Cavewoman teaching children about limestone, fossils and showing everyone that to have passion in what you do is the most important thing. It was this passion for her business that has kept us open through the countless challenges and the lengths she has been to is why I think she deserves this award! So if you have a spare minute please vote for our “Unsung hero” on the Harrogate hospitality award website! She really does deserve it❤️Thankyou.