PLEASE CAN YOU HELP Nick and Lisa? They are both feeling q

January 2022

PLEASE CAN YOU HELP Nick and Lisa? They are both

PLEASE CAN YOU HELP Nick and Lisa? 🙏🏻🤞 They are both feeling quite rubbish at the moment due to Covid 19 🤧🤒😷and are in isolation!
We have stolen her phone so they can rest and get better 🥰❤️ PLEASE SHARE,See More PLEASE COMMENT and PLEASE PLEASE PLEDGE!!!! Lets break the Facebook algorithms and get this post SEEN!!!!! Lots of love to you all! YOU could win this Stunning sought after ground floor apartment in the heart of Pateley Bridge. Don’t miss out!!! Grab your tickets today 👇🤩 🚨Don’t wait until the end 🚨, your winning ticket could be today’s. Draw will take place as soon as last ticket is sold 🙏🏻🤞 Sending love to you all and anyone not feeling well sending you healing vibes ❤️ team stumpy xx #crowdfunderuk
Can you help me shine my light in dark times?
As you may know, here at Stump Cross Caverns we’re raising funds to repair and maintain the cave lights that guide the way to new opportunities and experiences.
OneSee More way we’re doing this is by selling a nearby apartment here in Pateley Bridge, with no mortgage, stamp duty or conveyancing to pay. Through Crowdfunder, you’ve been showing your support for illuminating the caves by pledging to win this beautiful home.
Just like my caves themselves, creating magic and making a difference takes time. Big totals take time to achieve, and we’ve sold almost 29% of the 20,000 tickets to date. We’re getting there, with the same tenacity and drive that’s helped us to keep the spirit and structure of my caves alive for so many years.
If the total’s not achieved, and the draw can’t take place, your money will be returned to you. But together with my fellow cave team, we’re doing everything we can to prevent this from happening so we can light up my caves and the imaginations of the next generation.
You can help us do this for just £10 per ticket. As well as entry to the prize draw, you’ll also receive a 3D virtual cave tour as a thank you for supporting us, giving you a window into the world your generosity is helping to shine.
As with every challenge we’ve all faced over the last two years, I want to thank you for your kindness and support. Everything you do helps to preserve my caves, honour our history and protect the magical future for our children.
Thank you for being our shining light.
The Cavewoman of Stump Cross Caverns
Happy Christmas 🎅🏻🎄❤️