The Twins – Discovery of the Sharks Tooth

April 2020

The Twins - Discovery of the Sharks Tooth

Howdy Cave Explorers 🤪
It’s time for our short, educational ‘CLIP OF THE DAY’.
Today’s video is all about ‘THE TWINS’- the part of the caves where the sharks tooth was discovered.
We hope you enjoy!
🦈 🦷 🦈 🦷 🦈 🦷 🦈🦷🦈🦷🦈🦷🦈

Thanks ever so much to Incredible Creations who are currently busy designing us an artistic reconstruction of an ancient shark. Such fantastic work they are so talented.

Don’t forget you can visit The Twins part of the cave right now using our virtual tour thanks to apollo 3D

(For our younger viewers – In the comments you will find a image to print and colour in- we’d love to see your artwork 🎨)