Well folks it’s SUNDAY FUNDAY …

April 2020

Well folks it’s SUNDAY FUNDAY ...

Well folks it’s SUNDAY FUNDAY …
And what better way to start your day than another ‘Meet the Team’. Now this one I’ve been especially looking forward too as I didn’t think I’d be able to convince her (and our Boss aka Lisa) will get a shock too…. but she’s been a SUPER STAR ⭐️ Team Player…
So without further a do…..

😊 MEET JEAN (Yes Lisa ‘JEAN!! 😬🤣💪)

📒 OCCUPATION: Interfering (her words 🙄) Volunteer (she’s not interfering – she’s wonderful!)

Jean enjoys socialising with her family & friends, volunteering, theatre & cinema trips, & traveling. ✈️

It’s natural beauty. An Amazing accepting team. Glorious chips. Ambrosial scones (tongue in cheek, but so true).

🎓JEANS WORDS OF WISDOM during this uncertain time:
“All things pass", but until they do: Be immensely grateful for all those who put themselves at risk every day in so many ways to keep us safe. The only way we can thank them is by Staying at Home. 👌

Tune in tomorrow to meet the next member of Team Stumpy! 🤩

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