Ice Age Ices Van

Delicious ice creams, drinks and treats, all with stunning views of the Yorkshire Dales National Park

OPEN EVERY DAY 11am to 6pm

Ice creams

Brymor Real Dairy Ice Creams in a variety of cones or tubs, or Mr Whippy ice cream or ice cream sundaes. All served from our hilltop Ice Age Ices van overlooking the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Sweet treats

Cakes freshly made by our Stump Cross chefs on the premises. We also have sweet treats galore, with more inside Stump Cross in our Time Café.

Hot and cold drinks whatever the weather. There's plenty of space around Stump Cross, with hilltop walks galore. Come and see us - we always love a chat!


Stumpy Ice Age Ices van open daily 11am to 6pm