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Buy Valium, Order Valium Online Legal

Buy Valium, Order Valium Online Legal

A visit to Stump Cross Caverns is an ideal out of classroom learning experience. Set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, the caves offer fantastic teaching opportunities across a range of topics such as art, evolution, and geology.

Buy Valium, Order Valium Online Legal

Stump Cross is easy to access by coach or minibus, with ample parking available.

Watch our information film in the newly modernised cinema room, with a theatre style layout and 4k built in projector. You can also use this space to hold your own talk, Q&Q session, or show your own presentation.

Fossil Quiz

Our new Fossil Quiz is a fun way to engage children with the history of the caves. We have information signs on display along the walkways, with quiz sheets and teacher handouts printed ready to use, available on request from the ticket booth.

Coming in 2020

We have a new education advisor working with us. A qualified teacher and outdoor specialist, they are developing a new range of learning resources to help you get the most out of your school trip to Stump Cross.

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